Tips for Using Light-Meter

Tips for Using Light-Meter | You must agree, the lighting is one important element in photography?, If you do not agree, it does not matter, you might have another opinion. But photography without proper lighting like 'vegetables without salt' bland looks :D

In order to maximize the lighting in photography, you can use the light-meter to measure the exposure settings, because the light-meter is a tool that can monitor the overall lighting. If you are still confused, let us together see the video how to use Light-Meter on photography below:

Light-meter band is used in the video above is L-758C Dualmaster SEKONIC, Light-Meter include high-end class. If your budget is less to buy Dualmaster, ordinary or cheap brand that you can use to improve the lighting in your photos.

Here are some Tips for Using Light-Meter

If using multiple studio lights, use light-meter to determine the ratio of the distance between the two lights. This way, you can adjust each light.

When shooting outdoors, always start by measuring the sun and measure any other light source. Remember outdoors during the daytime, the sun is the source of lighting that you can not set or moved :D.

If you will be doing a shoot for a model close-up example. Take some reading on the face of the model. It will give full control to know which direction the light fitting.

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