Learning Photography | Understanding Basics Photography & Cameras

Understanding Basics Photography - Anyone can take pictures. With the addition of a creative mind and hard work, we can create a great image that shows all the creations and interpretations of what is seen. Well, the art of using a camera to capture the image called Photography.
Understanding Basics Photography & Cameras
Photography comes from the Latin, namely: photos are light, rays. Medium graphein meaning writing, drawing or design form. So, photography widely are: writing or drawing with light. Pictures or paintings acquired by the irradiation with light. Because in making the images we use a device called a camera, then of course we have to truly mastered the tool also includes some basic techniques.

In using the camera we know what is called: Focus , Shutter, Shutter Speed, Diaphragm (f), Lighting (lighting), Lenses, Composition , Movies, ISO, Filters, etc.